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  • Laundry Management Solution

    RFID intelligent laundry system applies RFID technology in the identification and management of individual piece of clothes. Based on UHF RFID technology, this solution realizes an efficient working platform of rapid collection, automatic counting and taking back for the laundry industry.

  • Warehouse and Logistic Solution

    Combined with automatic control and wireless communication technologies, RFID technology participates in Warehousing ins/outs management, inventory management, allocation management, exchange management, financial statement analysis, terminal data acquisition in warehousing and logistics.

  • Library Management Solution

    A complete suite of innovative RFID solutions optimized for public libraries and academic libraries to achieve exceptional application results in library collection inventory, item search, self-servic..

  • Car Parking Management Solution

    RFID technology is widely applied in vehicle access and control applications. It provides significant advantages such as non-stop toll collection security guarantee. Faread's UHF long distance RFID technology integrates with monitoring camera providing enterprises and communities with hands-free control to ensure only authorized vehicles to enter into.

  • Asset Tracking Solution

    Because of the fast growth of industry rapid development of technology and pressure of global competition, improving operation efficiency and lowering operation cost have become the top priority for each enterprise in China.

  • RFID Microchip Injector Case- Arowana

    The RFID arowana identification management system including arowana chip, RFID reader and network technology which can track the whole activities of arowana such as feeding, breeding, migratory etc. The feeding process of arowana can be tracked when epidemic breakout, sanitation department check or confirm the pedigree and historical traces of possible infection arowana though the system. Meanwhil..

  • Animal ID and Food tracking Solution

    RFID system shows a detailed and unique supply chain for each product by providing separate identity and transportation history, thereby to achieve the goal of tracking and tracing. At present, some countries adopt a combination of the RFID and barcode to trace the production and sales of meat products.

  • Waste Management Solution

    With the continuous improvement of living standard, people pay more attention to their ambient environment, and the traditional management of sanitation can’t meet thisrequirement. Faread RFID waste ..

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